Kathmandu Day Sightseeing

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Mt. Everest Mt. flight


5:30 am Our Representative pickup to you and drove to international airport.
6:00 am Check in at airport.
6:30 am Mountain flight started.
7:30 am Mountain flight landed.
8:00 am Hotel check in Kathmandu and have a breakfast.

Bhaktapur Tours:

Bhaktapur is one of Nepal’s ancient Royal cities. Famous for Newar Culture, festivals, traditions, Lifestyle, Thanka, Pottery, Old Newari style houses, Old  55 windows king palace, Many of Historical Temples, Museum,  Stupas, Snow peacock windows, sculptures, architectures, Ju Ju king Curd, Durbar square. Actually, Bhaktapur is considered an ancient devotees place and the royal city which is known 3rd largest city of Nepal. While visiting Bhaktapur travelers need to obtain an entry permit. Bhaktapur is just 12 km east part of Kathmandu city.




Pasupatinath Temple :

Pasupatinath is a Hindu Cremation ghat Hindu religious sacred Temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. Pasupatinath Temple lies just 5 km northeast part of Kathmandu city on the bank of the Bagmati river. Pasupati is famous for cremation, Sacred Hindu Temple, and thousand of devotees. for visiting the world’s heritage sites Pasupatinath travelers need to obtain an entry permit.





Buddhist stupa  Baudanath lies about 5 km east of  Kathmandu Center. Boudhanath Stupa is the largest Stupa in the world.It is also a 1979 UNESCO world heritage site and knows as the holiest stupa, circumambulating stupa. There are more than 29 Tibetan Monasteries and Gompas. This is another most popular site.





 It is one of the Buddhist holiest  Stupa. The stupa is situated 3km west of Kathmandu City.

It is self origin stupa according to legend. Kathmandu was a lake, the lake was cut by Manjushree with his sword and in the middle of the lake was a crystal it became Stupa. Up to the Top, there are  365 steps. Also many Sculptures, Chortens, Stupas. And it is known by Monkey Temple in other words. Swayambunath is the hill of Kathmandu valley best for sights.




Patan Durbar squire: 

Patan Durbar squire is situated in the Lalitpur district of Nepal. This is another UNESCO world heritage site in Nepal. It is known by ancient Malla king Royal palace. Tours provide Indus Temples and Buddhist monuments, wonderful carvings, Museums. It is lies to the south part of Kathmandu.




Kathmandu Durbar Square

 It was the Royal Palace of the former kingdom in Kathmandu. It is another UNESCO world heritage site in Kathmandu valley Tours provide ancient  Palace, Temples, erotic sex carvings, etc



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