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Limi valley trek is opened for trekking in 2002 due to its proximity to the Tibet border. To protect the sensitive surroundings, it follows a historical trade and pilgrim route over rugged trails and high passes. The region attracts the fewest tourists, ensuring that the flora and fauna continue to exist for future generations. It is considered one of the most barren places in Humla, but the century-old Buddhist culture still exists. The Humla Limi Valley Trek offers not only stunning mountain scenery but also a visit to the holiest Mount Kailash.

Humla Limi valley trek is an excellent “off the beaten track” in the western Himalayas of Nepal. Together with exploring the Karnali River, this trek takes you into an unexplored Upper Limi valley. However, the village of Halji, Til, and Dzang includes strenuous passes and a beautiful Tibetan tradition and culture. So there are the principal attractions of Humla Limi valley trek alongside the pristine beauty. The Limi Valley appears almost forgotten by time. The intrusion of the present’s modernization is minimum. The medieval-looking villages, equally historic culture, and an age-old lifestyle, can experience firsthand on the trek. Hence, Limi Valley proved the hidden gems of western Nepal.

The isolated nature of the Humla Limi Valley Trekking offers greater possibilities to see blue sheep in the rare and elusive snow leopards. This great trek highlights a particular facet of Nepal than that seen in some of the usual hiking routes. It additionally gives a glimpse into the paranormal land of Tibet without having to go through the formalities of getting there.

Day 1:      Join Kathmandu (1300m)
Day 2:      Fly to Nepalgunj (200m)
Day 3:      Fly to Simikot and trek to Dharapuri (2300m)
Day 4:      Trek to Kermi (2870m)
Day 5:      Trek to Yalbung (3060m),
Day 6:      Trek to Talkot (3073m)
Day 7:      Trek to Yari (3663m)
Day 8:      Trek to Hilsa (3700m) via Nara La Pass (4620m)
Day 9:      Trek to Manepeme (3990m)
Day 10:      Manepeme to Til (4000m)
Day 11:      Rest day in Til (4000m)
Day 12:      Trek to Tatopani (3950m),via Halji (3670m)
Day 14:      Trek to Shinjungma (3620m)
Day 15:      Trek to Kermi (2670m)
Day 16:      Trek to Dharapuri (2300m)
Day 17:      Trek to Simikot (2950m), approx 6 hours
Fitness Level:

Group Size: 2 to 12
Max-Altitude: 4200
Duration: 18 days
Walking Days: 15
Activity: trekking.
Best Period: MAR| APR| MAY| SEP| OCT| NOV

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