Arunanchal - days

History :
Once the Hidden Land, Arunachal, was mentioned in the early religious literature Kalika Purana, Mahabharata and Ramayana. According to the religious story, that Parasuram washed away his sins, Vyasa meditated, Bhismaka founded his kingdom, lord Krishna married his consort Rukmini in this land which proves that history of the Arunachal Pradesh backs to the ancient time. The sixth Dalai Lama was also born in this region.

Natural :
Arunachal Pradesh includes the Eastern Himalayan Range and is a vast and mountainous land criss – crossed by turbulent streams and rivers. The mighty Brahmaputra that provides a unique environment and making the state to greenest part of the country lies in this state. The land has been holding visitors in thrall, not merely over the scenic beauty and the potential for adventure and eco- tourism but also due to the years of seclusion has succeeded in keeping itself as one of the last bastions of the tribal world that thrives here in a colorful and district way of life. The weather and the climate of highly hot and humid at the lower altitudes and in the valleys covered by swampy dense forest (approx. 80% of land) particularly in the eastern section, while it becomes exceedingly cold in the higher altitudes. The rainfall of Arunachal Pradesh in amongst the heaviest in the country.

Geography :
Bordering Bhutan on the West, China in the north, Myanmar (Burma) on the east and Assam in the south, the land of the rising sun is part of the eastern Himalayan ranges and is located in the north-eastern part of the India. The Arunachal Pradesh, one of the most sparsely populated states of India, covers an area of 83743 sq. Km and the altitude varies from 530m to Mt Kangte 7090m..

People :
The total 1 million populations, mainly 26 major tribes with the number of sub-tribes, have been inhabited in this state. Most of these communities are ethnically similar and having derived from original Mongoloid stock. Buddhism is the principal religion where as local tribal language, Assamese, Hindi and English are prime language spoken in the state.

Entry procedure:
Indian Visa is required to enter Arunachal Pradesh, and it can be obtained from the any Indian Embassy and consulate office around the world. A two copies passport sized photograph is required to proceed the application form and visa is normally valid for 6 months.

Lilabari is the nearest airport to enter Arunachal Pradesh and is 67 Km far from Itanagar where Indian Airline and Vayudoot have been operating regular scheduled flight from Kolkata. Well connection of railway and bus service made easier to reach Arunachal Pradesh from the neighboring states mainly from Assam