Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour - 12 days

Cultural tour Nepal & India

  • Lumbini: the birth place of Buddha
  • Bodhgaya: where Buddha go enlightenment
  • Saarnath: where Buddha gave first serment after getting enlightenment
  • Kushinagar: where Buddha left his human life.

This tour comprises the four holy Buddhist pilgrimage site of world. Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha lies in the south-western part of Nepal, Bodhgaya, where Buddha got enlighten under the Bodhi tree, Sarnath, where Buddha gave first sermon after getting enlightenment and Kushinagar, where Buddha got Parinirvana or left this world represents the symbol of the world peace. The cultural trip in Kathmandu valley with Thanka painting and bird eye mountain view from Hattiban would applaud the importance of this trip.