Upper Mustang - 20 days

Muktinath & Upper Mustang (Lo Manthang)

  • Historic Kingdom Lo Manthang.
  • Panoramic view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains.
  • Lo-pa culture and tradition.
  • Cultural tour in Kathmandu and Pokhara valley

Lo-Manthang (3800m). The capital of Upper Mustang, which is a small kingdom ‘Walled City’ with own local King reside here. King Jigme Parbal Bista (22nd descendent of the Mustangi Rajas) is the King of this small kingdom, although Nepal is also Kingdom. The Walled City is believed to be built in 1380 AD by the first King of Lo ‘Ame Pal’. The wall which is 2422 feet (725m) long and 26 feet (about 8 m) high has a series of 14 towers along it periphery. The towers rise 40 feet (12m) high, 6 feet (2m) wide at the base and 3 feet (1m) wide at the top. During the regimes of the Mustangi Rajas, the towers were guarded by armed guards to defend the town from the bandits and enemies.

Historic Monastery ‘Ghar Gumba’, perhaps one of the oldest Monastery in Nepal, Namgyal ‘The Monastery of Victory’, Tinker ‘summer palace of Mustangies King’, Choser Valley ‘famous for cave culture’ and Luri Gumba ‘built inside the rock’ are other major attraction of this trekking.